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Friday, May 13, 2011


Sooo. I originally came to Blogger from Tumblr. I absolutely LOVED tumblr. except for the fact that they didn't have a way to comment.
HOWEVER... in recent Natalie Studies... I have found a way to add comments on my tumblr account. and BONUS is you DON'T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF ANYTHING TO COMMENT!
So I guess my question is...
Where do you prefer reading my posts?

Here or
my tumblr blog... Infinatalie on Tumblr

I like how EASY it is to post on tumblr and Customize the layout... you don't need to have any special skills to get a nice looking blog on tumblr...

with that being said, Blogger is a lot more open as to what you can add to the blog... such as widgets and what not...

but in the end I guess I prefer the tumblr blog because I don't use the widgets on here anyway! haha...
I've figured out how to get google connect in the side bar of my tumblr blog... so you will only have to refollow once..

So anyway.. let me know on what you think.. which blog you like best, and all that jazz.

Thanks for reading, guys and gals! :D


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