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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Blog Update: Art Series!

This past Christmas I received a Bamboo Computer Sketch Pad.
This thing is AWESOME, though it takes some time getting used to...
So far I only have a few completed sketches, and you will be able to tell that I need some more practice with this digital sketch pad...
Here are a few sample sketches/pictures I have drawn so far, and I assure you, there are more to come!

In each picture I was trying to practice some aspect of drawing skill... I've never taken a REAL art class in my entire life, so please don't laugh. :)

  • "Chick"- Though the title is unbearably bland, I was quite fond of how she turned out, being my first attempt and all... In this picture I was just sketching to get a feel of how the digital pen and pad worked...

  • This one is called "Packer Chick LOL". This picture started out with me trying to draw a full body and learn the shape and technique of drawing a body. However, because of the last playoff game that day in the NFL, I turned the picture into a lucky charm to get my favorite football team, The Green Bay Packers, into Superbowl 45! AND IT WORKED! :)

  • This picture, titled "Hands Sketch", was for me to practice sketching hands. Hands are my worst enemy when it comes to drawing, EVEN WORSE THAN FEET! To be honest, I have a FINE time drawing feet. But hands, no such luck.

  • "Nadine"- I've always been a nerd, so it comes as NO surprise that I decided to draw my character in one of my Dungeons & Dragons game. Her name is Nadine and she is a half elf. She has an interesting back-story. You will hear more about the adventures of Nadine in a few of my series, I'm sure.

These are my first few drawings, and I assure you there will be more to come!

In the mean-time, I need some help deciding a name for my Art Series on this blog...
Here are a few names I am fond of, and feel free to submit your own if you'd like!

Art Series Titles? :
  • Artsy Fartsy
  • Pretty as a Picture
  • Picture Perfect
  • ???SUGGESTIONS??? :D


  1. My vote is for Artsy Fartsy because it sounds cute and quirky!

  2. I changed my mind! My vote is for nARTalie!!!