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Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi guys!
I know I have been lagging a bit in the posting... BUT I ASSURE YOU IT IS ALL FOR AN AWESOME REASON!
BUT FIRST... a picture of an owl.
Ain't she cute?

So I am soon getting my very first apartment!
Matt and I decided that it would be best for us to move to another area, so that I can make my getting a REAL job and going to school more of a reality. I am pumped to tell you we have found an adorable little townhouse/apartment that is near to EVERYTHING.
It is across the street from a college and right next to a WHOLE bunch of places I can work. This is GREAT news for me because it means I will no longer be inside all day with the fear to go outside because some crazy Raiders fans are going to pop a cap in my Green Bay Packer lovin' ass. Or the more likely gangster to try to rape and then kill me. ANYWAY!
We are relocating to Hayward on the weekend after the 15th. I am SO excited!
I will get to decorate this place according to my (and Matt's) taste! I will get to organize and store and rearrange things... a fresh start!
Getting this apartment is giving me that "first day of school" feeling, that "first day back from vacation" feeling.
I am so excited to start life in this new place!
But for NOW!!!!

I have to go pack. :D
I will post pictures of the new place when the time comes.
And HOPEFULLY I should have some more posts out there before then on my art series and short stories. NO PROMISES THOUGH!
I'm a busy girl!

Thanks for reading!


  1. There is nothing like the feeling of having something to call your own! I am happy over your happiness:)

    I wish I lived closer. I have a whole treasure trove of house "stuff" stored away. You could shop at my house and take whatever you wanted!

    Have a loverly day dear Nat!

  2. Yaaaaaaaay! You guys will be all moved and settled when I visit :)