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Sunday, March 6, 2011

AWESOME DAY! - Dungeons & Dragons, Meatballs, and Couch Shopping!

Today was GREAT!
Matt and I went to our friends Dustin and Stephanie's house for our "Weekly Dungeons & Dragons Session" and we had a blast!
Sadly Stephanie wasn't feeling up to snuff today so she didn't play today. She napped like a baby on the couch the whole time. It was adorable!
We have been in the process of removing Matt's character, Herbert, from the current story because he wants to play a different character that uses magic.
So tonight we had an EPIC battle with two wizards, a crazy gadget man, and a bunch of lizard men ("jafras"). I even made an epic battle playlist for Dustin! Dimmu Borgir FTW.
So we made it out, barely clinging to our lives, and the whole place rattled and shook and collapsed. We didn't kill all of the bad guys... in fact... the REAL bad guys are still out there! :O JUST AS THE BUILDING COLLAPSED a group of 20 women in black robes and big white hats came out of the shadows and addressed my character. They told me that Eve (my character) should prepare for 'The Calling' for the Shadow Network (my guild/job). Which means a possible promotion for me? OR MAYBE A DEMOTION! BE PREPARED FOR THE WORSE AND BE SURPRISED BY THE BEST IS WHAT I ALWAYS SAY!
I have a feeling that sweet Herbert (Matt's character) is going to go venturing with the treasure hunting group of Rugans (cat people) that wear blue sashes, and take his leave from this game.
I will however have my little Eve give him her contact information... JUST IN CASE he ends up needing a little bilbee help! :)
That was our D&D session tonight... and it was AWESOME! I am planning on drawing out my character (Eve) so you can see just how adorably bad-ass she is. She is a midget with a tail that uses throwing daggers. HOW CUTE IS THAT?! I ASK YOU!? :P

After our D&D session Matt and I went to IKEA to look at couches and grab some grub! I had the ever so popular Swedish Meatballs with mashed potatoes, lingonberries, and a creamy white gravy sauce to top it. DELISH! We then proceeded to test out the couches and we ended up finding this beauty:

Pretty cute eh? It just folds back and it even has a little storage compartment underneath for the bedding stuff for when you have guests sleeping over! I'm glad the cheapest color was this dark grey one, because it gives me TONS of options for decorating ideas! I can get pillows in various colors and I can change the pillows according to whatever color I feel like whenever I want! It's quite the versatile little couch/bed! :)

Well, I'm going to wrap things up now because Matt is going to finish his mini-game of D&D with me and then I'm headed to bed... MAYBE. If I can calm my excited little brain! :)
Moving day is Friday and we just got 20 boxes from sweet Sir Dustin for moving! I'll be a busy girl tomorrow! :)

Thanks for reading and I assure you there is more to come! :)

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  1. !! SO glad you had such a good time!

    You guys should check Craigslist now that you know which couch you want.. you can usually find the same couch for REALLY cheap!

    Love you much!