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Thursday, March 10, 2011

NEW APARTMENT NEWS: Goodbye, Apartment.

So this is me, about to get all sappy and nostalgic about leaving this apartment...
One thing you should learn about me is that as excited as I may get for something new, I never fail to get nostalgic and sad about what it is that I am replacing/leaving. It is during these times that I have to take pictures.
So here is my goodbye to the very first apartment I lived in:

Goodbye, silly door with locks that are confusing and make me look like a dork when I can't open them quickly enough when someone knocks at the door.

Goodbye, "Rollercoaster Driveway" that never fails to make me poo my pants when I go too fast down it.

Goodbye, Parking Space #17 that is always taken by the jackass that doesn't even live here, but thinks he can park in your parking spot.

Goodbye, Dirty and Nasty "There's-Puke-In-The-Washer" Coin Operated Laundry Room. You never failed to surprise me.

Goodbye, Dryer. The only dryer in the laundry room that SOMETIMES doesn't sound like it is going to explode. Not to mention You have the only lint trap that is intact.

Goodbye, Long Hallway back to the apartment from Laundry Room. I will always treasure the memories of walking up stairs in the rain only to find a pot of sunny flowers at the top to brighten my day. As well as the memories of ALWAYS awkwardly leaving or entering the apartment when the cute old Mexican man neighbor was at his door.

Goodbye, Cool Stairs. You were the BOMB! And also very squeaky.

Goodbye, Apartment Door #12. I will forever miss the remains of missed package stickers that didn't quite get peeled off all the way, and the click the key made when opening the lock.

Goodbye, Entryway View, and your stacks of moving boxes, and empty bookshelves.

Goodbye, Messy Entryway, full of boxes and clothes and packaging paper.

Goodbye, Chaotic Kitchen, and your dinette set that is rickety and unstable, but oh so quaint.

Oh man... I hope I don't cry tomorrow! These darn hormones... I TELL YA...


Stay tuned!!!

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  1. Oh Natalie, we are truly related! You are a sentimental gal and all the much better because of it! It's nice to have fond memories of your first place, but go forward young woman and put your happy stamp all over your new place :)
    Eagerly awaiting new photos! Hugs and more hugs,